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Oct 12, 2012 6:00am PDT
of next week. back to you. >> thank you. >>> what a sight in los angeles. these are pictures now as the space shuttle endeavour makes a long slow trip to its retirement home. endeavour is being transferred through city streets from los angeles international airport to the california science center at exposition park. the 170,000-pound spacecraft will on displace eventually at the museum. >> kind of a tricky process. four computer controlled transporters will help negotiate the shuttle along 12 miles where in some cases it's just inches away from some buildings. >> some places the wing tips are going to actually extend beyond the boundaries of the streets over the sidewalk. >> so then what do you do then? >> just move very carefully forward. [ laughter ] >> we tell people to open their windows as the wings come by. >> trees and other obstacles had to be removed to accommodate the unusually wide load. the shuttle will travel at speeds up to 2 miles per hour. two-day trip will begin late last night and once they get it, it's finally going to retire after a long farewell tour. >> in
Oct 8, 2012 6:00am PDT
appearance before next month's election. the president spent the night in los angeles after an appearance before a roomful of stars last night. he used their performances to make light of his own in last week's debate. >> they just perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> he was referring to singers who took the stage before him. >>> this morning, president obama will visit ke. ne near bakersfield where the home of farm labor leader cesar chavez is being made a national monument. the president will arrive at sfo about 1:40 this afternoon. he has a private fundraising dinner in san francisco then a public concert and rally at bill graham civic auditorium. the president had spend the night in san francisco. >>> republican presidential candidate mitt romney will deliver a speech in virginia calling for the u.s. to take a more assertive role in syria, put conditions on aid to egypt and tighten sanctions on iran. with a month to go to the election national polls show the race for the white house is tightening. >>> right now california is the most expensive place fo
Oct 25, 2012 6:00am PDT
that includes a jail break in san bernardino county and shooting a sheriff's deputy in los angeles. an extradition warrant was filed yesterday seeking to have them returned to california. >>> cal-osha is looking into the death of a mechanic in a crane accident at the port of oakland. the 52-year-old man was crushed yesterday morning as he was inspecting the crane. cal sheesh says the victim suffered from head and chest injuries and later died at a hospital. >>> a suspect is dead after an officer-involved shooting up in lake county yesterday afternoon along highway 29. a female chp officer pulled over a man in a stolen vehicle. the d.a.'s office says it appears the officer shot the man after he attacked her and tried to take her gun away. investigators say the suspect tried to drive off but crashed the car shortly thereafter. they say he had warrants out for his arrest. >>> today "occupy" protestors plan to return to the plaza where oakland police closed their camp just a year ago today. a rally is now plan at city hall at noon today to market anniversary. a march planned later toni
Oct 23, 2012 6:00am PDT
north of los angeles. eight big rigs involved in this accident. one person was possibly trapped in one of these big rigs. no word on injuries. there are over 400 gallons of fuel spilled in the roadway and again rain and slick surfaces may have been a factor in this accident but again it is really causing a big traffic mess through there south 5 so, you know, check the roads if you are traveling towards the southern parts of california today. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> 2012 presidential debates are behind us. and the election believe it or not two weeks from today. between now and then president obama and mitt romney will spend most of their time in the battleground states. cbs reporter randall pinkston joins us from florida the site of the final debate with a little play-by-play on what happened. >> frank, it was a fight to the finish another doozy of a debate mitt romney accusing president obama of a series of foreign policy failures. for example, romney pointing to the failure to stop iran's nuclear program. but and president obama accused romney of being in
Oct 30, 2012 6:00am PDT
are learning this morning from media outlets in southern california that she was a graduate from usc in los angeles. now, here are pictures out of new jersey that show the extreme damage. this morning, there is an ongoing rescue effort after a huge flow of water flooded a small town in the northern part of the state. atlantic city became an extension of the atlantic ocean. seaweed and ocean debris swirled in the knee deep water covering downtown streets. take a look at this. these are live pictures out of new york this morning. the snapped construction crane is right now dangling 75 stories high over a construction project. it broke yesterday afternoon when the winds pounded manhattan. a nearby hotel was evacuated in case the snapped portion of the machinery crashed. and as you heard this morning, 7.4 million homes are without power on the east coast and that number could rise. pg&e tells us this morning it is sending more than 150 employees some from northern california to help restore power there. live in studio, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> thank you. >>> sandy is no longer a hurricane or a
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5